Peggy Walentin. The strong intention is the power to cross the limits.

Since 1994 I am specialized in event, sports and aviation project management. In the following years I was responsible for the execution of large events (fairs, airshows, corporate events, sporting events) often with 30 to 60,000 visitors.

Between 2005-2015 I was one of the few active wing-walkers worldwide and managed my own extreme sports team. During this time I had more than 1,000 shows that I performed in more than 16 countries on 3 continents. Fascinated by aviation, I got my pilot's license in 1997, followed by aerobatic license and flight instructor.

After 10 years I ended my extreme sports career and started working for Red Bull Air Race, where I was responsible for project management, flight operations and the race airport. In 2018/2019 I held the position of Head of Aviation.

In September 2019, the Red Bull Air Race ended and I worked for various projects such as DCL Drone Champions League , WACO Aircraft / Europe and JUNKERS Flugzeugwerke AG and as a consultant through my own company.

As described, my area of expertise is project management, consulting various aviation projects through ideation, creation, planning, regulatory approvals, collaboration with suppliers, emergency management, risk assessment, flight OPS, scheduling, logistics. In the meantime, I have successfully expanded my scope into marketing and sales.

Since 2022 I am a member of the board of AOPA Swiss.

"Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work." - A. P. J.

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