What comes to your mind first when you think about the International Women's Day?

I think about Raymonde De Laroche. Who was she?

Born on 22 August 1882 in Paris, she became the first woman in the world who received a pilot license on 8th March 1910, issued by the Aero Club of France (International Aeronautics Federation or F.A.I.)

"De Laroche participated in aviation meetings at Heliopolis in Egypt as well as Saint Petersburg, Budapest and Rouen. During the show in St. Petersburg, she was personally congratulated by Tsar Nicholas II. There, she was presented once again as "Baroness" de Laroche. Thereafter, the title became commonly used.

In July 1910, de Laroche was participating in the week-long airshow at Reims in France. On 8 July, her aeroplane crashed, and she suffered such severe injuries that her recovery was in doubt, but two years later, she was fit again and had returned to flying. On 26 September 1912, she and Charles Voisin were involved in a car crash. Voisin was killed, and she was severely injured.

On 25 November 1913 de Laroche won the Aero-Club of France's Femina Cup for a non-stop long-distance flight of over 4 hours duration.

During World War I, as flying was considered too dangerous for women, she served as a military driver, chauffeuring officers from the rear zones to the front under fire.

In June 1919 de Laroche set two women's altitude records, one at 15,700 feet (4.800 m) and also the women's distance record, at 201 miles (323 km).

On 18 July 1919, de Laroche went to the airfield at Le Crotoy as part of her plan to become the first female test pilot. She co-piloted an experimental aircraft (whether she flew this is not known) On its landing approach the plane went into a dive and crashed, killing both de Laroche and the other person." (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raymonde_de_Laroche)

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